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Organized Recess

Organized Recess

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Introducing Organized Recess (OR) – the ultimate fun, engaging, and educational outdoor activity designed especially for children! 


With the awareness that kids thrive with structured play, OR presents a robust package that blends the excitement of outdoor games with the invaluable lessons of teamwork and personal growth. This unique program is thoughtfully crafted to offer 90-100 minutes of energetic and interactive sports training that not only hones athletic skills but also fosters a positive mindset and instills life's critical lessons.


Organized Recess features:


- **Duration and Setting**: Each OR session spans a full 90-100 minutes of quality time, ensuring that your child gets the most out of their outdoor experience. Set in the refreshing ambiance of the great outdoors, OR sessions provide the perfect environment to stretch, run, play, and enjoy the freedom that comes with being outside.


- **Sports Training**: We believe in the power of sports to educate and empower. Our program includes professional training in a variety of sports, offering your children the opportunity to discover and develop new skills, and perhaps even ignite a lifelong passion for a particular sport.


- **Teamwork Development**: OR's core belief is that sports are an excellent vehicle for teaching the importance of teamwork. Throughout the program, children will learn to work together, support one another, and achieve common goals, providing them with a fundamental understanding of camaraderie and collaboration.


- **Cultivating Mindset**: Alongside physical activity, OR places a strong emphasis on mental and emotional growth. Our team encourages constructive attitudes, resilience, and sportsmanship, equipping your children with a mindset geared towards success and positivity.


- **Life Lessons Off the Field**: The impact of OR extends beyond the field. The activities are designed to mirror real-world challenges, teaching kids to take wins and losses in stride, to lead and follow when needed, and to develop a balanced approach to competition and cooperation.


Sign your child up for Organized Recess and bear witness to their transformation as they play, learn, and grow. It’s more than just a game—it’s a foundation for life.

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